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Do you want a pre-studio impulse response of just a cab speaker like most other IR's on the market? Or would you prefer an impulse response that a producer has made all the surgical tweaks and enhancements to when mixing your guitar track? For the first time ever you can have your mastered album tone at your finger tips!

Sonny Prince Music Production has made the next step in impulse response technology with its 'Post-Production Impulse Responses'. Similarly to capturing the sonic character of a speaker cabinet for an impulse response, we can now capture every studio enhancement made to your tone using the highest quality studio preamps, mixing consoles, EQ channel strips, tape saturators and plugins.

Simply record, mix and/or master with Sonny Prince Music Production and we will capture the sound of your finely tuned album tone into an impulse response for you to use in any live performance, practice or studio application you please.


Tracks With Post-Production IR's
Fool On A PedestalSonny Prince
00:00 / 04:39
Can't Go BackSonny Prince
00:00 / 03:32
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